Morning Star Lodge # 20 and the Free Masons Unite

Wildfires are erratic and by nature, ever changing. Check back here for updates to keep up to date with how Morning Star Lodge is assisting the members of our community who are displaced.

I am sure you are all aware by now of the devolving Caldor Fire situation. Morning Star Lodge has 3 members who are directly and immediately affected by the evacuation orders presently in place. Morning Star Lodge #20 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and The Free Masons of Lodge # 26 located in the Placerville area have had a 150 year relationship of coming together to assist our community in time of need and due to the devastating #Caldor Fire, we would like to announce that we are once again, joining forces.

Morning Star Lodge #20, located in the heart of downtown Placerville, will be opening our doors to displaced evacuees and providing a safe, comfortable space in their time of need. Both facilities will do their best to provide reasonable accommodations and access to emergency necessities for our evacuated neighbors and friends. The Free Masons of Lodge # 26 will be offering their building as a safe work space with high speed internet , as well as we are working to arrange RV parking.

Due to the ever changing nature of fire and information, our organizations will work together to ensure our resources are being offered in the most helpful and appropriate ways.

We are making you aware today, in the hopes that the Odd Fellows Community, lodges or individual members, may be able to contribute to our cause, born in friendship, love and trust. As we move through this difficult time, it is highly likely that needs will change and Morning Star Lodge intends to meet our community where the needs are greatest. We will keep you posted as often as possible and appreciate your consideration and friendship. Please keep our town in your thoughts and intentions.

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