The Hits Keep Coming

If you have turned on your television or radio in the last few days, or even since the last time we posted a blog, you have become very aware of the continuously devolving situation that is the Caldor Fire. The scary facts of it all, as of this moment on 09/01/2021 at 8:04 am, the Caldor Fire has decimated 204,390 acres, climbed to the 15th largest fire in the History of California - dating back to 1932, and the containment estimation date is still 2 weeks away - 09/13/2021.

Sunday into Monday, 4 additional Morning Star Lodge Members were issued mandatory evacuation orders. Anyone who has been to South Lake Tahoe, or understands the lay of the land can imagine what evacuating 30,000 people at one time looks like, but imagine seeing the flames cresting Echo Summit and chasing you in the rear view mirror. Traffic was stopped for hours and people were frantic. One of our members was t-boned during the confusion by another driver, but luckily did not sustain any injuries, only property damage. Thankfully, our displaced members were able to take shelter with another member down the road, but unfortunately they too, have now received the evacuation warning, forcing them again to move down the road.

I am so thankful that I am home - with my kids tucked in sound asleep, my giant, loud, snoring, bed-hog dog, and all the comforts I so enjoy and am able to share my thoughts in this blog, brokenhearted, knowing that so many of my fellow brothers and sisters and community of over 40 years, are displaced, scared, hungry, exhausted and hurting. I guess what I'm saying is, I am so glad to be an Odd Fellow, part of Morning Star Lodge, and so thankful for what I have and blessed to be able help where I can. In FLT ~Malia

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